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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  May 15, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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♪ something is not right with me! ♪ ♪ trying not to let it show! ♪ [rock music continues] >> may 3rd, 2012. from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the daily show with jon stewart. (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: say, hell woman to the daily show, my name is jon stewart. great show, peter bergen, author of the new book manhunt. i know bhau are thinking, are you just saying that so you can say abbottabad, i know. i'm sure it will be an interesting conversation. lev laugh.
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>> jon: as you know osama bin laden has been all over the news this being the onier an verse ar of his passing. >> good morning, we are getting a brand-new look into the mind of osama bin laden. parts of bin laden's personal letters nabbed from his compound in pakistan by navy seals have just been released. >> jon: whooo! personal letters. of bin laden. dear wife number 7. (laughter) >> jon: how is son number 19? i miss you. tell me what you are wearing? over your face. laugh laugh come on, the guy was run one of the world's most feerdz terrorist network. i can't imagine he had a lot of time to keep up with correspondent. >> nbc news has been told by senior officials that there were as many as 15,000 distinct individual documents that were taken from that compound when bin laden was killed by navy seals. >> jon: 15,000, the guy wasn't a terrorist, he was a hoarder, oh my god.
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we didn't even have to kim this guy. it was just a matter of time until we learned he died alone surround by 29 cats. two decades worth of jc penney catalogs. all right, so what did we get, what nefarious schemes did the terrorist master mind have up his sleeve. >> what it shows again is that when bill laden was still intent on attacking american targets, he even asked to come for his lieu ten ants to come up with a plan to a sass fate president obama. >> jon: nice work getting to that in a timely fashion. slow bi wan kenobi. what was the title of that plan's memo, bin laden determined to attack, what is that sound, sounds like a hell korpt s that foot step,out my eye. so obviously that plan never came to fruition, anything more doable on his agenda. >> he talks so much about the bin laden brand at at one point even wanted to change the name of al qaeda.
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>> jon: wow, i can see how we no longer want to be associated with it, innocent deaths and how that could have affected al qaeda from a branding perspective. >> other organizations, you have to change with the times. how about this instead of al qaeda, aq, you know, maybe just a different name completely like al-tria or something already associated with something positive, al-roker, he's lovable. or, or you could stop with the killing. however you want to do it however you want to do it. but of course challenging still await. we turn our attention to our current debt holders and future overlords, china. >> hillary clinton is in china negotiating sensitive issues from iran to north korea, all going pretty well until. >> china's best known disdidn'ts has managed to escape from house arrest. said he is being hid inside
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the u.s. embassy in beijing. >> chen's dash for freedom couldn't come at a more ago waurd time for the u.s.. >> jon: way to go, chen! i mean how inconsiderate can you get! blind human activist chen guangcheng. couldn't wait just two more weeks to escape oppression. try thinking about somebody else for a change. jailed working to end china's forced abortion and sterilization policies guy. so what. he has-- yeah, i knew you would like that. chen, he has escaped his state oppressers during a high profile u.s. diplomatic trip. to biggie. >> there is a very public embarrassment for the chinese regime. this is an authoritarian state. they don't like having their dirty laundry, as they see t hung out for the international community to see. >> jon: must avoid chinese
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laundry joke. (laughter) find strength in inspirational bracelet. (laughter) wwdrd what would don rickles do. (laughter) so what does chen want? >> according to one report chen has asked to leave on the same plane as hillary clinton. >> jon: oh, that's a little bit forward there fellow. >> we understand that he also toll her in broken english, i would like to kiss you. (laughter) rz i love this guy. mom, request we keep him? all things look pretty good. the u.s. looks like a beacon of freedom. china looks slicely more progressive for letting chen go and we all get to pretend our i phones aren't made by slave labor. so it's a win-win.
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just hours after chen guangcheng left the u.s. embassy he said the u.s. brokered deal was not the humanitarian victory ot bama administration portrayed. in fact, to now suggest the u.s. failed it to effectively protect him and his family. >> de fear for his life that he was also saying he felt the embassy let him down. that they almost forced him to leave [bleep]. >> jon: i wish there was an app to unhear that. for more we are joined by beijing bureau chief john olver, thanks for joining us. (applause) john, in this situation, obviously secretary of state clinton really has her hands full over there. >> of course she has, jon. and we all knows who's to blame. >> jon: actually, i don't. >> seriously? let me just give you a hint, jon. he's about yeah high, plays the sacks, feels your pain. >> jon: the cryptkeeper. >> no. >> jon: is that your bill
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clinton impression. >> yes, it's my bill clinton impression it's extremely good, your queen elizabeth is brilliant. >> jon: hello! hello! hello! >> that didn't mean anything. use that sound in a sentence. >> jon: hello you [bleep] wad. >> okay tlarx is pretty good, that's pretty good. >> jon: explain to me how this is bill clinton's fault? >> he set the bar, jon. perhaps you recall a couple of years ago when he freed those two journalists by single-handedly plucking them out of north korea. >> jon: i remember that, a diplomatic triumph. >> no that was a dangerous diplomatic precedent. word got around. if are you being repressed by an evil communist dictatorship just get on tv and a clinton will personally fly to your rescue. if not bill and his jet, then hillary on her state department plane. if not her, maybe chelsea and a single engine cessna. worst case scenario you get roger. (laughter) >> jon: all right, well you be careful in beijing. how are you getting out there.
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>> well, hopefully with the best case clinton scenario getting picked up in the mothership, jon. >> jon: are you not going to get picked up in george clinton's mothership. >> oh reallying we'll see about that, we? >> jon: stop it! there's no way. >> no way, no way. >> that is what i'm talking about. >> george clinton. >> you know what, i in george's mothership, beam us up. ♪ we 2k3w09 fuj ♪ we got the funk ♪. >> jon, i'll see you in a few minutes. this is awesome ♪ ♪. >> jon: all right, mr. george clinton. we'll be right back. (cheers and applause)
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>> jon: hey welcome back.
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did you know that missouri gun owners face rampant discrimination every single day? no? because they don't. but that hasn't stopped one missouri law make frere fight on their behalf, asif man vey has more. >> reporter: the history of civil rights is one of long struggle and long fought victoriesment meet wanda brown of the missouri house of representatives. she's leading a new march of progress with her landmark bill hb-1621. >> this bill creates an environment that an employer can't fire an employee if they own firearms, if they use firearms. if you target-- if you target practice, if you hunt, they wouldn't have the right to fire you for that reason. >> right, but aren't gun owners already protected? >> we have a second amendment to the constitution that should be abided by at all times.
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>> wanda's bill like a second condom adds another layer of protection against employers who would disregard the constitution. >> i think i understand. you're the kind of person that sees discrimination somewhere, and wants to fight it. >> yes. >> thanks to wanda brown's crusade against injustice, hb-1621 saled through the house by 115-36, releasing gun owners from the shackles of persecution. >> now a gun owner can own a gun, and no longer be fired for it. >> true. i'm not aware of anybody having that problem. >> since when could you be fired for having a gun. >> well, that's what the law, the new law, the new bill. >> i never heard of that. >> have you personally ever been fired for owning a gun. >> no, no i have not. >> oh. >> maybe we didn't talk to enough people. surely wanda knows of
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countless oppressed missouri gun owners. how many examples of gun owner discrimination dow currently know of? >> (laughter) >> well, you know, i would rather not get into examples. >> yeah, but you must have thousands of them, you can give me a few? >> this is preventive, to protect the second amendment of everyone in the future. >> well, what-- okay. so this is a preventive bill. >> yes. >> good plan, you skip all the oppression and discrimination and just jump to the civil rights. >> yes. >> sadly others still await their wanda brown. i talked to mike colognea the only gay man in the missouri house. >> i can be fired based upon my sexual orientation, is that right, no it's not right. sexual orientation is not protected in the state of missouri. >> no. we've been trying to add sexual orientation to the missouri human rights laws for years. >> you needed an ally, and i know just the person.
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she's all about protection. she's all about priv see, her name is wanda brown. i will talk to her. hold on a secretary. >> with wanda's help, we shall overcome. >> would you support something beyond the second amendment, for example, sexual orientation. >> well, i don't know. i wouldn't-- i have no idea -- >> oh. >> but you are a very core person who disagrees with discrimination. >> well, absolutely. you know i am all for any legislator that wants to file the bill. >> great, i'm talking to wando, looking good. >> i don't know if we are talking about the same wanda brown. >> wanda brown, she's german mark -- got the hair. >> is this a state representative who voted against protecting lgbc individuals in our employment discrimination law. >> wait, what? wanda have you ever voted against gay workplace rights. >> has that been on the ballot here. >> i don't know, i'm asking you. >> it's an insult and a slam up side the head. it got voted down and wanda
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was one of the people that voted against it. >> that i know of, it has never it has never been an issue that i have had to vote on one way or the other. >> actually, only a year ago she did vote on it, one way or another. she voted no. maybe she's been so busy battling oppression that doesn't exist yet, she didn't have time to fight oppression that does. how do you feel about someone being fired for their sexual orientation. >> i-- has that happened before? >> yes. >> give you give me an example. >> an example, didn't she just -- >> well, you know, i would rather not get into examples. >> well, let's see what i can do. >> al fisher, gay schoolteacher was fired february, seth williams, a transgender employee was fired due to transgender. >> state trooper corporal dennis engelhard, his male partner was denied death benefits, on march 15th high school principal was et go after having gay relationship in the past. >> someone assumed they were fired for being gay. maybe they were fired
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because they were a bad worker. have they went to court. >> how successful are claims that go to court based on something that is not illegal. >> i don't know. >> i'm getting zero percent. >> 0% of what. >> 0% of those people will win a case if it is not illegal. >> okay, say you have something to back that up. >> yes, common sense. >> oh well, sometimes you have to lose a battle to win the war. the important thing is wanda brown's hb 1521 will stand as a monument defending the most defenseless. gun owners. >> 1621 says yeah.
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welcome back. my guest tonight, he is cnn's national security analyst as well as a best selling author, hi his new book is called manhunt, the 10 year search for bin ladin from 9/11 to abbottabad, please welcome back to the program peter bergen. (applause) thank you for being here. manhunt, 9/11 to abbottabad, boy, it's like you were in the room with these guys
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throughout 9 process of locating bin laden and executing the mission. how do you get the type of access that you appear to have. because this is not con jek ture this is what happens. >> yeah, i mean i think si have some credibility on the issue of bin 4r5din and al qaeda. this is my fourth book on the subject. >> yes. >> and talked to people at the white house, the cia, department of defence, you know, a number of people, eventually talked to enough people, if this doesn't talk somebody else will talk. so i was able to build up a pretty good picture of what happened. >> you visited. you were the only guy who visited the house, the compound. >> right. >> how did you get to go to the-- we went in at night with hell corporaters then pakistan was very mad at us and you come in and say my name is peter, i would like to look around. >> i -- >> i was thinking of buying a place in abbottabad.
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>> you know, three visits to pakistan and i'm dealing with the pakistani military intelligence service and they took me around on february 10th and two weeks later they demolished it. >> so you saw it right before it went down. was it in the type of shape, you know, there was a raid there so obviously did you get a sense of what bin laden's life was like in pakistan for the six years he lived there? >> yeah, you know, he had a lot of time on his hands. weigh doing, writing lengtheau memos to his guys. >> hobby stuff, any you look in there hey, look at this, spy ro graph. >> i think his main hobby was really anti-zyonist and anti-american. >> you can't go wrong with those. >> is there enough of those for six years. that seems like a lot of rereading aring you want to go protocols again. >> yeah, all right, let's go protocols. >> do you get the actual ability to find him, i mean, really a needle in a haystack. one guy, his courier, is the
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only link to finding him. >> right. the cia, sort of thought maybe his immediate family might get in touch with him. that didn't happen. they thought maybe we get in touch with his senior leadership, that they would be able to kind of intercept some of those communication so they thought perhaps at the end of the day they realized the courier inductive lodge thake this was the way to find bin laden t was kind of aning athat christie story, not a james bond story. in terms of trying to work out this guy went by multiple aliases, finding his real name, his cell phone, then finding him and leading back to the compound. that took a long time. >> even the cell phone, the guy has a cell phone but takes the batteries out and only uses the cell phone when he is in peshawar, never uses it men he is near abbottabad, yeah, sow actually takes the battery out, at least an hour's drive away from where he sliving. these are guys were very careful. >> now when the united states begins to suspect that bin laden or somebody from high val you oof al
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qaeda is living there, they don't actually ever find out. >> right. >> there is no soirt of polaroid moment as one of the people in the book says. i mean and leon panetta director of the cia was very afraid, they obviously had satellite picture but couldn't see inside the compound and bin laden occasionally would go out with a walk but did so under a tarp. there was never a picture. the president's decision was based on entirely circumstancesal evidence. >> the in-- incredible, i think, if there is a moment in the book that say little bit gasp inducing is they're talking about probability and they say even when they are red lining the intelligence, some people are still saying i think there is a 40% chance he is there and someone in the room mentions the probable that bin laden is there is less on the circumstancesal evidence than that there ar are-- then there were wmds in iraq. >> yeah, i mean that is sort of amazing comment. and you know this was from michael morel, the number two official at the cia, veteran cia officer. and so that's the context of
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this decision. so the idea that just any old person would have made this decision which we heard occasionally in the last few days, i think is just nonsenseable. because if you do the sperm are vice president biden had became president biden, you know, hes has admitted that he would not have gone into pakistan. robert gates who served every president since richard next orntion he was against the raid. the top, the number two military advisor to president obama he was against the raid, had another idea, drop a small bomb on the compound. so you know, this was not an easy decision. >> jon: and obama even, you talk about how he initiated the idea that the seal force bring extra armament so if they had to fight their way out they could. >> add mirl mick melen the top military advisor to president obama was very clear. he said it was president obama who put in the extra chinook, the very large kind of transport helicopters. and they were necessary. because without that, he wouldn't have had the quick reaction force to go in and get the poll on the ground from the fallen helicopter.
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>> you have, you can stick around for a few minutes. we are running out of time. you have to pick this up. it is an incredibly dedame-- detailed and gripping accountment pan hunts on the book shelves now, petser bergen. we'll be right back with him.
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that's our show, here it is your moment of zen. >> mitt romney can beat obama. >> no he can't beat obama because his policy is the basis of obama care. >> the next pes